Mobile & Desktop Development with F# and MVU

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* Creates Android and iOS projects by default.
WPF, UWP, GTK and macOS are also available as flags.

Safe and simple logic with MVU

Structure applications with clear separation of concerns between logic and display with the popular Model-View-Update architecture.

Declarative F# views

Declare your UI without worrying about what happens next. Fabulous will ask for a new view each time the state changes but will only apply the delta to the actual UI.

Fully unit-testable, including the UI

Take advantage of functional programming to ensure your app behaves like you expect. MVU encourages putting side-effects outside of the main loop, perfect for unit testing.

Save time with LiveUpdate

You don't need to restart the app anymore to see your changes. LiveUpdate will recompile your code when saving and automatically reload the app while it's running.